Furries In A Blender - Twilite Funk

Furries In A Blender - Risin’ n’ Shinin’


The Flashbulb - Level Two Hundred

Daniel Ingram - A True, True Friend(Aftermath Remix)

FS, Calvertron - Dub Combination

goreshit - super special

Alex S. - Play

Pegboard Nerds - We Are One(Droptek Remix)

Tony Marcus - Lone Star

Anamanaguchi - Snow Angels

Of Monsters And Men - Silhouettes

Swans - Oxygen

Cranberries - Zombie(NZ GPERS Remix)

Shellah Chibi Hunter - Anons To The Core

Matduke - Rock The House

Seatbelts - Tank!

STS9 - Circus

"Weird" Al Yankovic - Word Crimes

Lake - No Wonder I

Evil Activities ft. Neophyte - 2008 Skulls(Headbanger Remix)

Earth, Wind & Fire - September

Brooklyn Bounce vs. Sample Rippers - Louder & Prouder(Picco Remix)

Daft Punk ft. Paul Williams - Touch

Beatles - Birthday

Griffinilla & Toastwaffle - Love Letters

Happyland - Don’t You Know Who I Am

Axel Thesleff - Bad Karma

Tengen Toppa Gurren lagagnn - Libera Me From Hell

Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby

"Weird" Al Yankovic - Tacky

Vanilla Ice - Ninja Rap(Go Ninja Go)

Grabbitz - Here With You Now

Dream Theater - Stream Of Consciousness

Nero - Innocence


DJ CUTMAN - Zelda’s House(Zelda’s Theme Remix)

Takashi Utsunomiya - Katamari Dancing

Cibo Matto - Birthday Cake

Psycosis - Triple Trouble Brother

Team Teamwork - Move Drugs

2 Mello - Masamune Problems

2 Mello - Mid Boss Takeover

Shoji Meguro - Pursuing My True Self

Tales Of The Abyss - Grand Chokmah

Triple-Q - It Has To Be Ambiguous

Final Fantasy X - Otherworld

Mike Oldfield - Nuclear

Melty Blood Actress Again - Sakura-Koi-Uta

Triple-Q - Escape From The Sengen

Max Anarchy - Here We Go

Crazy Bus - Title Screen

Revelations Persona - Thanatos Tower

III - Falling Down

Shoji Meguro - Burn My Dread -Spring of Birth ver.-

Punch Out!! - Jogging Theme

Wild Arms - Into The Wilderness

Dragon Sound - Friends(Forever)

Contra Shattered Soldier - Mountains Area

Gitaroo Man - Flyin’ To Your Heart

Max Anarchy - Fast Lane

Ridge Racer Type 4 - Lucid Rhythms

Ryan Hemsworth - Ryan Must Be Destroyed(Wave Racer Remix)

Disco Dan - Magnet Man Goes West

Ys - Palace Of Destruction

Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent

Megaman 3 - Whistle Concert(Protoman Theme)

Mirror’s Edge - Boat

Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth - Reincarnated Soul

TitainiumAirway - Great Grey Wolf Sif

Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara - Old Enemy Tel’Alrin

Okami - The Sun Rises

Hideki Naganuma - Like It Like This Like That

Vincent Anthony - Ninja Gaiden Epic Remix

Harry Mack - Storming The Fortress

Aizawa - Suika’s Theme(Hachimitsu-Lemon Remix)

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike - The Theme Of Q

Xenoblade Chronicles - You Will Know Our Names

Weird Al Yankovic - Living In The Fridge

Megadeth - Duke Nukem 3D

Red Dead Redemption - Deadman’s Gun

Hitman 2 - Japanese Snow Castle

Megaman X4 - Sky Lagoon X Theme

Old Gods Of Asgard - The Poet And The Muse


Assertive Fluttershy - Boo Hoo

Deathcab For Cutie - I Will Follow You Into The Dark(:DFace Moombahton Remix)

Master P - I Need Dubs(Mackai Remix)

Fatboy Slim - Praise You(Kovary Nu Jump Up Booty)

Milo & Otis - Ambush

Geodesic - Supa Fly(Vonzie Remix)

Alex S. - Maximizer

Traktion - Metropolis

Ennio Morricone - The Ecstacy Of Gold

Devin Townsend - Hyperdrive

Mothers Of Invention - Prelude To The Afternoon Of A Sexually Aroused Gas Mask

grafics - Spaghetti Wrap Up

Symphony X - Paradise Lost

AiR - Truepianoskg

The Protomen - The Good Doctor

Nomy - Cocaine(Reloaded)

Jogger - Nephicide

Powerglove - Dr. Wily’s Theme

DJ Sharpnel - Moonearth

Panic - Been Dreamin’

M83 - Midnight City(Trentemoller Remix)

Dashiell Rayne-Bowie - All Sweetie Belle

Chad Neidt - What About Me?

Tenacious D - Master Exploder

Rhythm Tengoku - Our Generation!(Baq5 Remix)

Gefradah - Cancertid

Nitro Fun - Dragonfly(Ayde & Dextre Remix)

Gorillaz - 19-200(Soul Child Remix)

Darude - Sandstorm

Gorillaz - Left-Hand Suzuki Method

Tha Playah vs. Evil Activities - Raise It Up

Dieter Baethge - Swat Cats

Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven

Infected Mushroom - Heavyweight

Snatcher - Pleasure Of Tension

Phantogram - Mouthful Of Diamonds

Pink Floyd - Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together


Hideki Naganuma - Concept Of Love

Hideki Naganuma - Like It Like This Like That

Hideki Naganuma - Fly Like A Butterfly

Assassin’s Creed 2 - Venice Rooftops

Team Teamwork - More Than 20 Questions

The Megas - Melody From The Past

M.O.O.N - Deep Cover

Utada Hikaru - Simple And Clean

Digital Devil Saga 2 - Hunting Betrayal

Unreal Tournament ‘99 GOTY - Phantom

S.S.H. - Fighting Of The Spirit

Jay Kennett - Build That Wall(Zia’s Theme)

Gran Turismo 2 - Moon Over The Castle

Bis - Statement Of Intent

Mikhel Tael - Track 01

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team - The Final Antasma Battle

Max Anarchy - Fast Lane

Tekken Tag Tournament - Opening Theme

Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen - Imminent Triumph

Gianna Sisters - Machinae Supremacy

Sonic Generations - Modern City Escape

Rogue Legacy - Narwhal

Deus Ex - Area 51 Bunker Raging Battle

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 - Dark Groove

FTL - Cosmic Confrontations(Vortigon Remix)

Bullmark - Never Get Outta The Car

Street Fighter II - Guile’s Theme

Mighty Switch Force 2 - Credits(Rescue Girl)

Super Smash Bros Brawl - Mute City

Mike Oldfield - Nuclear

Grandia II - Fight!! Ver. 4 ~ Final Battle

Sonic Unleashed - Endless Possibility ~Full Version

Yoshi’s Island - Final Boss

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Shadow Of Chernobyl - Bar Music

The Immortals - Sub-Zero Chinese Ninja Warrior

Xenoblade Chronicles - Sorrow

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth - Pursuit ~ Lying Coldly

Mother 3 - D.C.M.C Theme

Autumn Sol - Warrior Of Cyberspace

qwertine - Iron Blue Intention


Adventure Club ft. Krewella - Rise And Fall(At Dawn We Rage Remix)

Bro Safari & Knuckle Children - Mr. Nice Guy

Tut Tut Child - Card Shark

Holly Drummond - Out Of My Mind(System Remix)

Party Ghost - On My Way

Re-Koil - Astro Boy

Lisa Mitchell - Neopolitan Dreams(Sound Remedy Remix)

Helicopter Showdown - Churched Out

Gramatik - Bluestep

Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love(Seven Lions Remix)

The Small Faces - Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake

Rom Di Prisco - Exosphere

Ramses B ft. Laura Brehm - Transformations(Nightcore Remix)

Evil Activities ft. MC Ruffian - Nothing

DJ Okawari - Luv Letter

SaGa - Brighter Side

Detroit Metal City - Satsugai

Mark Snow - X-Files Theme

Daze - With You

Nanobii - Pineapple Spaceship

Seiryu - Time To Air

Indian Calling - Yeha Noha

Richie Davis - You Ha Fe Cool

Nomak - Blessing Of Music

Verdi Nabucco - Chorus Of The Hebrew Slaves

DMX ft. Jadakiss, Styles P, Drag-on & Eve - Ruff Ryders Anthem

Omni Trio - Living For The Future(FBD Project Remix)

Daft Punk - Veridis Quo

Medicine - All Good Things

Pegboard Nerds ft. Elizaveta - Hero(Da Tweekaz ‘Guitar Hero’ Mix)

Extreme - More Than Words

Jean Jacques Perrey - Mary France

Ozzy Osbourne - Hellraiser

DJ Vadim - It’s On

Toxic Holocaust - Nowhere To Run

Yoko Kanno - Clutch

Sherclop Pones - How Applejack Won the War when she really didnt

Lana Del Taco - West Coast

Noriyuki Iwadare - Fragrance of Dark Coffee


Anamanaguchi - Another Winter(Jackal Queenston Remix)

Crizzly - Lost Woods

Foxsky - To Zanarkand

Ramses B - Pulsefire Ezreal

Headunterz - Dragonborn

MC Frontalot - Final Boss

Super Barrio Bros - Bosses

I Fight Dragons - Air Man Theme

Jim Guthrie - The Ballad Of The Space Babies

Aya Hirayama - Sayonara Rolling Star

Charles Kosei - Que Sera Sera

Kenji Ninuma - Disco Prince

Parappa The Rappa - Chop Chop Master Onion Rap

Parappa The Rappa 2 - Hair Scare

nobodyknows+ - Kokoro Odoru

Sambomaster - Sekai Wa Sore O Ai To Yobunda Ze!

Blue Hearts - Linda Linda

Ken Hirai - Pop Star

Sonic Generations - Chemical Plant Zone(Classic)

Sonic Generations - Chemical Plant Zone(Modern)

I Fight Dragons - Legend Of Zelda Theme

Glenn Miller - In The Mood

System Of A Down - The Legend Of Zelda

Anamanaguchi - Snow Angels

Kyari Pamyu Pamyu - Pon Pon Pon

Unanimous Delivers - Night Of Pony

videogame orchestra - Island In The Sun

Starcraft - Terran Theme 2

Rom Di Prisco - Paradigm Shifter

Bob Ross Remix - Happy Little Clouds

Louis Armstrong - A Kiss To Build A Dream On

Rom Di Prisco - Cetus 808

Pogo - Boo Bass

Dizzee Rascal - Bassline Junkie

Dizzee Rascal - I Don’t Need A Reason

Morphadron - Dr. Know

Italian MLP Opening

Nitro Fun - New Game

Skies Of Arcadia - Credits

Kill Paris - Catch You

Feed Me - One Click Headshot

Darren Korb - Build That Wall(Zia’s Theme)

Dr. Gonzo & Serious Dan - Resident Evil(Dark DnB Remix)


H8_Seed - Neverending Strife

Savant - Fat Cat Shuffle

Baffman - Avast Fluttershy(Zera Remix)

DJ Fresh - Gold Dust(Mackai & Usiku Remix)

MandoPony & AcousticBrony - Loyalty(The Living Tombstone Remix)

Carousel - Stay Awake(DotEXE Remix)

Passion Pit - Carried Away(Dillon Francis Remix)

Dillon Francis - Bootleg Fireworks(The Rebirth)


Eurobeat Brony - At The Gala(Finale Remix)

Sonic Generations - Escape From The City(Modern)

Brother Blake - Creatures Come Alive

Toby “Radiation” Fox - The Lordling

MNDR - Feed Me Diamonds(Geodesic Remix)

Ludwig Van Beethoven - Symphony 7, Allegretto, Movement 2

The Outlaws - Green Grass And High Tides

Matta - Feel The Heat

DJ Dara & Kosheen - Slip & Slide Suicide

Scientist - Your Teeth In My Neck

Tycho - Coastal Brake

The Outfield - Your Love

Zero 7 - Destiny

Ahavat Israel - Oy Vei, Oy Gevalt, Mishigene Mentshn

Pat Lok - Move Slow(GANZ Remix)

Daft Punk - Da Funk

Toto - Africa

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - The Message

Rick James - Ghetto Life

Ficci ft. Laura Hahn - Senses Overload

A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran(So Far Away)

Megadeth - Symphony Of Destruction

TCY FORCE - Tenga Step

New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle(Shep’s Club Mix)

Coyote Kisses - Azure

Moby - We Are All Made Of Stars

Ratatat - Seventeen Years

Eumir Deodato - Super Strut


Anamanaguchi - Another Winter

Hideki Naganuma - Sneakman(Toronto Mix)

Hideki Naganuma - Let Mom Sleep(HEXADECI Remix)

Psycosis - Triple Trouble Brother

Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory - I Made It All Up

Daft Punk/Nightshade Zero - Get Lucky Featuring K.K. Slider

Shoji Meguro - Pursuing My True Self

Shoji Meguro - Reach Out To The Truth -instrumental-

The Go! Team - Get It Together

Francisco Cerda - Journey Into The Dark Sector

SNOOPER MARIO 64 - Bob-Ong Battlefield

Nintendo - Pokemon Medley

Barbie - Cartoon Heroes(Speedy Mix)

Rogue - Green Hill Zone(Electro House Remake)

Demetori - Nuclear Fusion

Gran Turismo 2 - East City

Super Smash Bros Brawl - Final Testination

Hideki Naganuma - Teknopathetic

Gavin Parker - During Race

Koji Kondo - Midna’s Lament

Yuka Tsujiyoko - Over Shiver Mountain

Digimon World 2 - First Boss Battle

Rhythm Thief - Escape On A Glider

Katawa Shoujo - Everyday Fantasy

No More Heroes - Pleather For Breakfast

David Orr - Sonny 2 Final Encounter

Nobuo Uematsu - You’re Not Alone!

Dragon Seeds - Battle On The Holy Plane

Valve Studio Orchestra - Archimedes

VSTYLEZ - Days Of Old

Kirby’s Dreamland 3 - Grass Land 4

Max Coveri - Running In The 90s

Viewtiful Joe - Fighting Theme

OCRemix - Metroid Prime Just A Little More(Prime Edit)

Crazy Bus - Title Theme

Duane & BrandO - Cheetahmen 2

OC Remix - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV ‘Subterranean Kamikaze’ [Sewer]

Jake Kaufman - Caught Red Handed

Tekken Revolution - Eternal Paradise

GTA Vice City - Main Theme

Devil May Cry 4 - The Viper


Pendulum - Girl In The Fire

Burger Queenz - Break N Crusade

Skrillex - Bangarang(Cosmo & Paat Moombahton Remix)

Asa, Teknian & Kasket - Jirachi

Tristam & Rogue - ReWel

Skrillex & Wolfgang Gartner - The Devil’s Den(Alex S. Remix)

Alex S. - Party With Pinkie(GH057 Moombahcore Remix)

Studio Killers - Jenny(The Living Tombstone Remix)

Pretty Lights ft. Talib Kweli - Around The Block(Datsik Remix)

Popeska - You’ll Never Know

Ooah & LoBounce - Trash Talk

Sum 41 - Fat Lip(Acetronik Remix)

Geodesic - Alakazam

Eric Prydz - Every Day

The Barber Of Seville - Figaro’s Aria

Sweeney Todd - Epiphany

Dreams Of Elysian - I Can Still Hear Your Whispers..They Linger

group_inou - ORIENTATION

Tommyknocker vs Sunbeam - Twisted World(The Viper Mashup Mix)

DJ Shimamura - Tokyo Hardcore Music All Night Long

Yoko Kanno - Space Lion

Tatsh - Xepher

Kill Paris - I Want To Be Your Lover

World Class Art Thieves - Blow Your Mind

Darude - Sandstorm

Caravan Palace - Sydney

Scientist - Dance Of The Vampires

The Manacea - Rave Music Resurrected

Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

Grey - Am I Loud Enough

Hechizeros Band - El Sonidito

Run D.M.C - Rock Box

Diversa - Crow(VIP)

Iron Butterfly - In A Gadda Da Vida

Kraftwerk - The Robots

Musemesis - Theriocephaly

Luiz Bonfa - Jacaranda

Davy DMX - One For The Treble

Polysics - Lucky Star




Danny Glover & Danny Pudi - 101 Rap

MC Frontalot - Canadia

John Tartaglia - My Girlfriend, Who Lives In Canada

Dr. Horrible Ensemble - So They Say

Bo Burnham - What’s Funny

Bo Burnham - Art Is Dead

The Flashbulb - Come Horn

Mindless Self Indulgence - Dicks Are For My Friends

Jonathan Coulton - My Monkey

Cobra Starship - Bring It(Snakes On A Plane)

M Pallante - I’m Leaving The Fandom

The Lonely Island - Incredibad

Patton Oswalt - Clean Filth

Louis Prima - Just A Gigolo-I Ain’t Got Nobody

Sufjan Stevens - Age of Adz

Evil Activities ft. DJ Panic - Murder

Redanka - Waves(Bay Of Islands Remix)

La Traviata - Libiamo, ne’ lieti calici

Beethoven - Symphony 7 Allegretto Movement 2

Eiffel 65 - Blue

Eiffel 65 - My Console

Bomani Armah - Read A Book

Scientist - The Corpse Rises

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Jumpin’ Jack

Metal Gear Solid - Return Of The Foxhounder

Polysics - You You You

Nanase Ogawa - Tsukiakari Funwari

Joan Baez - Here’s To You

The Dice Man - Polygon Window

Elgar - Nimrod

Porter Robinson - Sad Machine(KickRaux & EthniKids Remix)

Penguin Soup - Hawaii

Pendulum - 9000 Miles

Chartreuse Gladius - Gossiping With The Wind God

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi - Black

Gorillaz, Andre 3000, James Murphy - DoYaThing

Destroyer - Notorious Lightning

Chief Doggingfood - Summer Sun Celebration


Perturbator - Miami Disco